The Palace at Smoszewo is the only one of its kind in Poland, sited over the Vistula. It is also one of the most important monuments of the Zakroczym district whose flat landscape is interspersed with deep ravines and protected by a nature conservationist. Smoszewo and its neighbourhood, known as an avian paradise, have not been infected with urbanization and the area remains an attraction not only for ornithologists, but for sailors too…
The extended view from the Vistuline escarpment over the flood waters of the great river Vistula, its sandy shallows and on to the Kampinos Forest spread out on the other side of the river, has drawn the attention of painters and photographers over the years. Doubtless that is why the Smoszewo region and its surroundings are described in tourist publications as the Pearl of the Zakroczym District.


…. constructed in an eclectic style in the 1920s to the east of a no longer existing XVIII century palace. The “new” palace, erected on a steep riparian escarpment and embellished with a high four column portico, was built as a summer residence for a Polish Senator, A H Jarecki.

The residence is surrounded by a 7 hectare landscaped park, filled with a large variety of plants and birds. A special characteristic of this area is the diversity of species of elderly trees, several examples of which are truly ancient “monuments of nature”. The oldest section of the park still remembers the period of its founder, Michael Korybut Wiśniowiecki, King of Poland. Unfortunately the fates have not been kind to the old king’s palace. In 1960 a large section of the royal residence was burned in a fire and the abandoned park became an object of interest solely to people scrimping around for firewood.


…is now private property. Since 2006 work has been undertaken to revitalise the entire building and the park. The new owners have rebuilt the palace with the appropriate attention to detail and are still working to restore the unique character of this truly exceptional wonder of nature. It has also become the seat of FBB Musica Mundi – a charitable foundation working on behalf of artistically talented youngsters.